Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I was browsing at one of the bookstore near my work place during lunch break when I came to know this book - "PS, I Love You".
I have seen the review of this book on my friend's blog.
Knowing that it is one of the international bestseller, I picked up the book and flipped through the first few pages.
I instantly fell in love with the style of writing.
No wonder it is one of the bestseller book globally.
I checked the price and discovered that it was on sale.
It was originally priced at AUD$21.99 but was reduced to AUD$5.00.
I decided to grab it without a second thought because I don't think I can find any better deal than this anywhere for a new and unowned book. 
I also bought another two books along with this book. 
They were also on sale for only AUD$5.00 each.  Great bargains indeed.
They are Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" (originally price at AUD $22.99) and Candace Bushnell's "Summer And The City" (originally priced at AUD $24.99).

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