Tuesday, 23 October 2012

$5 Gift Voucher

I received a AUD $5 Gift Voucher from Priceline via e-mail on 26 September 2012.
It was rewarded to me for joining Priceline Sister Club for two years.  Woo Hoo! Thanks Priceline.
I went to one of their branches at Town Hall on 3/10/2012 to use up the voucher before it expires on 25/10/2012.
With the AUD $5 voucher, I decided to get myself a primer.
After shopping for a while and trying various range of primers from different brands, I finally settled on Savvy Smooth Finish Primer.
There was 30% off throughout the whole range of Savvy cosmetic brand that day.
The Savvy Smooth Finish Primer was AUD $8.99 before and it was AUD $6.29 after 30% off.
After I tendered my Gift Voucher and Priceline Sister Club, I only paid AUD $1.30 for the primer. 
I was happy with my purchase and will continue to support Priceline.
It is definitely my favourite store for cosmetics shopping.
For those of you who live in Australia, you can join the club easily by filling the form available in any Priceline Store and start to get rewarded each time you shop.

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